Hair Transplantation by SUT method

Hair Transplantation by SUT method :

Hair Transplantation in the SUT method is one of the most advanced methods that doctors do with hair planting now. In this method, certain techniques are used, which makes it possible to distinguish from other techniques of hair planting, which will be discussed in the following:

One of the main reasons for distinguishing this method is to have specific and unique effects of this method. The most important advantages of this method, are the following:

1. 1- The Hair Transplantation benefits in the SUT Way:

This method is carried out without surgery so that there is no need for long term anesthesia.
1. 2- This technique is without any pain and blood. No wound, whether in strip harvesting (FUT) or Transplant, will not exist.
2. 3- The mass loss of follicular in this method is zero because in this method the accuracy of action is adequately and not any damage is imported.
3. 4- Another advantages of this method is the high density of this method rather than other methods such as FIT and FUT, which is three times as much.


Hair Transplantation in a SUT way

One of the most important advantages of this approach is the naturalness of it as it acts quite naturally after the line has operated.
The offensive in this method is less than the other methods so that it can be said that it has minimal aggression.

The convalescence period in this method is shorter than any other methods.

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More economical

After mentioning the advantages of this kind of hair planting method, this question may be asked is hair transplantation possible for everyone?

In general, the method of hair transplantation is not the same for all people, and it will be different for thm according to the type of their hair, as well as the type of hair loss. But hair transplantation is suitable for the following persons:

Alopecia is one of the most common problems especially in men, in a simpler way, there are several reasons for the baldness:
Androgenic baldness in men / Post-traumatic baldness / Baldness after burns / Baldness after chemotherapy / Baldness caused by inflammation and skin damage.


In addition to the stated cases, people may have a tendency to plant hair in this way. In other words, this method is more convenient than traditional methods for hair defects , which includes:

Hair defects in the eyebrows, eyelashes, mustache and beard.
Hair defects in the genital area.

Breast hair renewal.
How this method is accomplished?

The reason that this method is the most advanced method in comparison with other methods is the technique which is used to take advantage of the most advanced methods for harvesting, and it will eventually reduce the vulnerability to zero, despite to two traditional methods with manual holders doing this critical phase.

What portion is hair taken from?

In the back of the head between the right ear and the left ear, a small, thin, short cutting in a size of a tape and the hair would been harvested.
The point is that the hair harvest is not limited and even from other parts, such as moustache, beard, chest and …. Harvesting can be done.
After the harvest phase, the transplantation is done.

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Benefits of hair transplant in a SUT method

It is interesting to note that, if a person has tranplanted hair by other methods, and unfortunately has not received the desired results, it can be done again in the best possible form using the SUT method and the desired results in the shortest possible time would appear.

Is there age limit for hair transplant?

People may have inherited hormonal problems due to a variety of reasons, such as bad eating ,stress, hormonal problems and inheritance.

But what needs to be noticed is that the hair falls until the age 25, and from that it will stop to fall. So it’s best for people not to do a hair transplant until the age of 25, and then they can do this.
In general, you have to be careful to do the necessary tests before doing this and avoid smoking and alcohol. If you want better results, it’s better to wear a hat and put the ice packs on your head to minimize the inflation after surgery.

How is growthing and falling of hair after hair transplantation in the SUT method?

The SUT method is one of the best methods that according to previous studies has the highest results compared to other methods.
The thing you need to know is, don’t worry about your hairs fall in the first few weeks, as this is a natural thing, after a while it will be settled that the implanted hair will grow in a systematic way up to three months, and then falls.

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What is the reason behind the hair lossing after the surgery?

The hair falling is the impact of the surgical shock, which the hair follicles get into the rest phase for 10 – 14 weeks, and in the next stage the hair will start to grow up and grow up, and eventually later, hair falling will not happend after the one year.

As mentioned above, the hair planting in the SUT method is one of the most prestigious and best method of hair planting, which many fans have been attracted to it because of its benefits.