Nonsurgical eyebrow transplant

What is the best eyebrow transplantation method without surgery in the world?

Non-surgical eyebrow transplant :

Everyone usually seeks to find the best methods and techniques before performing a serious cosmetic procedure, and usually goes to the best and most reputable clinics to perform these procedures so to get a guaranteed result.

In fact, using good methods and techniques to perform eyebrow transplant procedure is a guarantee to achieve the best results, and people can safely proceed to the procedure and not worry about not achieving their results, therefor better and easier methods for eyebrow transplants have always had more applicants, and clinics are using newer methods to both maintain their clients and to make better results.

Feature of eyebrow transplantation by LHE method

New and advanced methods are proceed to perform this procedure so that people can benefit from the natural results obtained after this procedure, because other methods, even if done with a great protection, would not have a completely natural result and hair strands will not replace lost hairs, but eyebrow transplants are the only way to naturally restore the eyebrows.

The LHA method is the best and newest method available for eyebrow transplantation procedure, which is performed without the need for a surgical incision, so there is no need for suturing after the procedure and the recovery period will be very short.


Benefits of eyebrow transplantation using LHE method

  • Having vibrant and natural eyebrows with the ability to grow
  • Symmetrical appearance of the eyebrows, which creates a beautiful fit in the face
  • No postoperative complications
  • No need to medical caring such as bondage dressing
  • Do not make any artificial effects
  • No pain and bleeding during the procedure
  • It’s done in a completely medical environment under the supervision of doctor without any risk
  • Impossibility of postoperative infectious diseases in patients
  • Creating permanent result after the procedure
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Eyebrow transplant without surgical incision by LHE method

As we can see, this method has many advantages, and the result after the procedure is completely according to the desires of the applicants, so that they not only regret the procedure, but the result is exactly what they have expected.

In this method, long hair strands are used without to need for shortening and shaving so that the hair roots are not damaged and are ready for transplantation in the eyebrow area. With this technique, the speed of the procedure has been increased and in just a few hours, this procedure will be performed for all applicants in order to achieve an extraordinary result for people in a very short time to have natural eyebrows with the growing ability and also without any trouble.

Ideal candidate for LHE eyebrow transplant

One of the most important features of eyebrow transplant procedure is that both women and men of any ages can go to have beautiful eyebrows or to improve the appearance of eyebrows due to the hair drooping down.

There are several causes for drooping eyebrows or thinning hair, which can occur in all people in different ages for both men and women. Given that eyebrow is a very important organ in the face and plays an important role in the beauty of each person’s face, so every little problem about them is very visible and occupies people’s minds, therefore they are looking for a solution to solve this problem permanently.

Considering that the result of eyebrow transplantation is completely natural and if a person performs this operation, it will be very difficult for others to recognize it because eyebrows are very similar to natural eyebrows. Gentlemen can also do eyebrow transplantation without any worries because It would not have any artificial appearance.

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The process of eyebrow transplant by LHE method

In most cases, preventing or treating drooping eyebrows will not be effective or have a temporary effect, and the process of drooping can not be completely stopped to keep the eyebrows in a thick state with proper density. With increasing age, the eyebrow hairs fall out and grow as before and do not have the right density, in which case people can do eyebrow transplantation to improve the appearance of the eyebrows to have beautiful eyebrows with the desired appearance and proper density forever.

Sometimes the growth of eyebrows stops completely, such as when deep incisions are made in the eyebrow area, or people usually see their eyebrows stop growing after chemotherapy. In these cases, to fix the problems, eyebrow transplantation can be done according to the case so the eyebrows would have a natural and beautiful state.

Eyebrow transplants are performed for everyone, regardless of the reason for their procedure, and will be effective for everyone because eyebrows are transplanted with growing organs to remain permanent. Even for those who had a tattoo before the eyebrow transplantation, the transplant is performed and the result is as good for this group as others, and having a tattoo is not an obstacle to achieving the result.


In conclusion

In addition to the fact that the use of eyebrow transplantation is very useful to improve the appearance of the eyebrows and will be effective, the LHE method has made the procedure very easy to achieve the desired results in a short time and after a short period of recovery you can enjoy your natural and vibrant eyebrows. LHE eyebrow transplantation procedure is performed in our country today’s, which is performed by LHE method for people in Saadat Abad eyebrow transplantation clinic.

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eyebrows transplantation without surgery by LHE method