eyebrow transplantation

How much does the eyebrow transplantation cost?

Before eyebrow transplantation, everyone gets some information that they need to be aware of in order to make a serious decision, and the cost of eyebrow transplantation is definitely one of these information that should be asked from the clinic.

Now, due to the progress of science in providing better devices to perform this procedure in simpler ways, the cost of eyebrow transplants has become more balanced and reasonable.

According to the procedure that is performed, there is a proportion between the cost and the results.

Sometimes the announced costs in some clinics for eyebrow transplantation may be different, depending on various tips, which we will mention here the causes which affect the cost of this procedure.

Everything about the cost of eyebrow transplantation

The cost of eyebrow transplants may vary slightly from person to another person, depending on how much work is done for each person’s eyebrows, but usually the offered price in clinics that use newer methods by more up-to-date devices will be higher than other centers, because it is both easier to perform the operation and less time is spent on the procedure.

The effect of eyebrow transplantation cost on the results of the procedure

All applicants for eyebrow transplants want a much better result and beyond other restorative methods, and basically they desire to have completely natural eyebrows that can grow, which is quite similar to natural eyebrows also to create a remarkable beauty on their face.

So comparing the cost of eyebrow transplantation with other restorative methods is wrong, because the results which obtained from both is not the same and is completely different, so before taking any serious action to repair your eyebrows by one of these methods, every person should be sure of what they expect from a restorative procedure and what result they desire.

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The last and best method for eyebrow transplantation is the LHE method, in which long hair strands are removed without the need for shortening to be transplanted in the eyebrows area.

In fact, this method is such like that the hair roots are not damaged and there will be no problem because of not shortening the hair. In addition, there is no need to make a surgical incision to remove the hair strands, so there would no need for suturing.

This method is performed for the first time in Iran in Saadat Abad eyebrow transplantation clinic and for detailed information about the price of this procedure, you can refer to the clinic. The LHE method can restore dropping people’s eyebrows for any reason or if they don’t like their appearance in the most natural way, and eyebrows are capable of growing and are completely symmetrical.

In this method, all the small points in making the final effect of the procedure more natural, such as considering the right and proper hair growth direction, then the full satisfaction of the applicants is obtained so they will be completely happy with about the results.

Therefore, this method is one of the most important characteristics affecting the cost of eyebrow transplantation, because the better and more appropriate the method is, the better the result will be, so naturally the cost of the procedure will increase.

The clinics in the capital city usually offer the best methods in the world for the applicants, in addition by having enough equipment and specialists, they can easily make an appointment for you in a short time.

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For this reason, the cost of eyebrow transplant procedure is usually announced more in the capital’s prominent clinics than in other cities, because applicants are more confident of achieving the desired result.

Other important points about the cost of eyebrow transplantation by LHE

Note that sometimes very high or very low costs compared to other clinics are provided by a clinic that needs to be researched. As we said, if the clinic is in the capital city and has many applicants or uses the best available method in eyebrow transplants, it would be reasonable to increase the price, but otherwise we need to know the reason for this price difference.

Sometimes there are interesting discounts on eyebrow transplants, in which case precautionary measures should be taken and sufficient research should be done about the clinic itself or those who have experienced this procedure.

Today, most clinics explain the cost of the procedure to the applicants through face-to-face referrals or even by obtaining information in absentia, and provide them with the necessary and accurate information before the operation.

We should note that after disrupting the growth of eyebrows or dissatisfaction with the appearance of eyebrows for any reason, the first and most important goal is to choose the best method to achieve the best result to end the worries of drooping eyebrows forever.

Therefore, care should be taken about the cost of eyebrow transplant procedure to the extent that it does not affect the result so there will be no regret after the operation with an inappropriate method.

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The cost of eyebrow transplants is one of the issues that should be made clear to the clients by the clinics or consultations which provided by clinics also they should be aware of the benefits of doing this so that they will know how much it costs to get the best result.