Nonsurgical eyebrow transplant

Nonsurgical eyebrow transplant

Each person’s eyebrows in his face have a very important role in beauty. Having wide and thick eyebrows can give more beauty to people’s faces. However, there are many different causes of drooping eyebrows that destroy their dense or perfect appearance, and many people are not even satisfied with the natural and God-given state of their eyebrows.

So, anyone who suffers from drooping eyebrows due to a problem such as illness or aging, or those who want to change the natural and initial state of their eyebrows to achieve the desired appearance, can use eyebrow transplantation.

Non-surgical transplantation in Iran by LHE method is the best available method for eyebrow transplantation, which has been presented for the first time in the world and in Iran, so that people can easily achieve the results as they want.

As we have said, various causes can lead to drooping and disorders of the eyebrows, and anyone at any age or gender may face these problems, so having a good and practical method can work for anyone.

Non surgical transplantation in Iran is performed by LHE method under the supervision of doctors and only with local anesthesia for clients. This method is without surgery, because there is no need to make a surgical incision to remove hair strands. This is one of the most important benefits of using the LHE technique because there is no need for suturing and if there is no need to make a surgical incision so the healing period would be significantly shorter.

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Some information about the LHE method

Eyebrow transplants have always been popular for those who wanted permanent and completely natural results to repair their eyebrows and also have had their applicants from the beginning, but there are always more interested methods that are easier and as well as safer to get result.

Basically, people are looking for the easiest ways to perform beauty procedures, so that they can achieve their desired results in a short period of time and do not fell regret after the operation. Various methods have been presented for eyebrow transplantation so far, some of them have been forgotten due to the many complications that have been occurred, so people did not want to use these methods.

Before non-surgical transplantation in Iran by LHE method, all the methods that has been used for eyebrow transplantation required surgical incision to be able to remove the hair strands from behind the ear or any other areas, in all these methods, hair strands must be removed. The hair was cut in a certain area so that they could be removed using the machine.

However, with the introduction of the LHE method, not only there is no need to make a surgical incision, but even long hair strands are removed, and after the procedure, the hair is not shortened or shaved and does not look bad. This method was basically created to remove long strands to eliminate the steps of shortening or making a surgical incision and speed up the procedure and to be done in just one session for individuals.

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The LHE method uses the most advanced equipment to accurately observe all the features of natural eyebrows, and the eyebrows are planted as a seed in the right direction so that they can continue to grow in the most natural way possible after the operation.

Transplantation without surgery by LHE method in Iran guarantees that the desired result will be achieved in the shortest time and without causing any complications, and by using the most up-to-date devices, it is possible to consider all the important points due to the eyebrow transplants.

Features of a good eyebrow transplantation

  • The speed in the process
  • Paying attention to the tastes of the clients about designing the eyebrow transplant mold
  • Creating a completely natural result
  • No complications or inflammation after surgery
  • Short recovery time
  • No need to further visits to maintain the results

Ideal candidates for eyebrow transplantation

As we said, doing this without age and gender restrictions for all individuals is possible and due to the completely natural result that is achieved, men can also apply for this eyebrow transplantation without any concerns.

But one of the most common causes that leads to the thinning of eyebrow hair is aging, as well as continuous and inappropriate eyebrow plucking can also be the main cause of the eyebrow drooping. Aging is one of the inevitable causes of eyebrows drooping, and it is usually not possible to take practical action to prevent it.

But eyebrow transplantation can be responsible at any ages to get their desired results that they want.

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Nonsurgical eyebrow transplant

Some genetic factors or diseases have symptoms such as hair loss, which are very influential in the growth of eyebrows and can even stop the growth of eyebrows forever.

For example, thyroid diseases affect the growth of eyebrows, and even after the improvement, the eyebrows do not return to the former density.

Fortunately, eyebrow transplantation by LHE method is performed for anyone who is not satisfied with the current appearance of their eyebrows for any reasons, and it will work.

Even people who have tattooed their eyebrows and are not satisfied with the result can apply for eyebrow transplantation by LHE method to have natural and beautiful eyebrows, and the result is the best for them as well as the others.

Non-surgical transplantation in Iran by LHE method is performed for the first time in Iran in Saadat Abad eyebrow transplant clinic so that those who are interested in eyebrow transplantation can enjoy its extraordinary benefits to experience eyebrow transplantation without any worries by the best available method in Iran.