Fat injection by BIOFAT stem cells

Fat injection by BIOFAT stem cells

In the recent years, very good methods and practical techniques for fat injection procedure have been presented to use them as well as the use of very advanced devices to perform this operation in the simplest way, to get the results according to the wishes of the clients in a short time.

Currently, fat injection is one of the most popular procedures available to eliminate wrinkles on the face or volumizing some parts of the face or body. Due to the increasing the applicants and those who are interested in this procedure, several clinics are providing services related to the fat injection, in order to satisfy the clients by using good methods.

Fat injection by BIOFAT stem cells has a lot of uses and is one of the best and most advanced methods available for fat injection, so that it does not cause any side effects and does not leave any scars or inflammation after the operation.

The cost of fat injection by BIOFAT stem cells is very reasonable compared to its results, and given that the result is permanent, and it is not possible to move the injected fat, so many people today use fat injections to solve some problems in their face or body.

What does it mean to inject fat by BIOFAT stem cells?

Many benefits of fat injection are due to the fact that the extracted fat from the body of the person is then injected in the desired area.

In fat injection, one area is the fat donor, and the other area of ​​the recipient, that is, the specialist who performs the fat injection procedure first identifies the area from which the fat is to be extracted. Of course, fat is usually extracted from the sides and abdomen, because it is the best choice and there is more fat in this areas, so if there are no exceptional conditions, the extraction of  body fat for most of the people is from this point.ated.

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After that, the donor area must be identified, for example, if a person wants to show fat on the cheeks by making them fuller through injecting fat, the cheek is the recipient area. Some people even use fat injections into the chest and buttocks to make their bodies look younger and fitter, in which case these areas are fat receptors.

As a result the fat injection by BIOFAT stem cells means, using the fat of a person’s own body. This is very important that we know, due to the use of body fat of applicants, there will be no allergies and sensitivities after fat injection procedure.

In addition to all the above, after injecting fat by BIOFAT stem cells, the injected fat is absorbed by the body and completely eliminates the possibility of displacement of the injected fat. Therefore, despite of gel injection methods or similar methods, there will be no risk of shifting or losing the desired result after fat injection in this method, and people can enjoy the results permanently.

Use of fat injection for the body

As a result of aging, some parts of the body may suffer from falling and may lose their good appearance, so considering that the fat injection operation is not limited and according to the wishes of the clients, fat injection is performed in any areas that they want.

It is also possible to inject fat into the body

Among the applications of fat injection into the body, we can mention fat injection into the buttocks, breasts and labia, which all these cases is done using very advanced and practical devices, and if needed, the fat injection operation can be repeated, to achieve the desired results completely because it has no side effects and allergies.

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Use of fat injection for facial skin

Various factors such as aging or sunlight or genetic factors may cause facial skin to wrinkle and also sagging skin on areas such as the cheeks or forehead.

One of the most sensitive areas of the face is the skin around the eyes, which reacts and wrinkles faster than other areas of the face. To eliminate wrinkles on the skin of the face, you can use fat injection by BIOFAT stem cells to inject wrinkles in specific areas to eliminate wrinkles and also make the skin look younger.

Fat injection is performed without the need for general anesthesia and only with the use of local anesthesia. In this operation, very thin tubes are used to extract or inject fat so that no scars or incisions are left after the operation. There is no age limitation for fat injection and it is performed according to the desire of people in any areas which they want.

The recovery period after the fat injection operation is very short because in addition to causing no side effects, new and excess substance does not enter the body, but their own body fat is injected into the desired areas after preparation and purification.

Therefore, after this procedure, people do not need long rests and can engage in daily activities and observe the results of the operation after a short time.

In conclusion

Injecting fat by BIOFAT stem cells is one of the safest ways to deal with skin or body problems. People can also use this procedure to beautify their face or body. Even with this operation, the skin hollows that caused by genetic factors or multiple pimples, as well as the indentations of the migraine area can be completely elimin.

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