Best facial fat transfer doctor

Best facial fat transfer doctor

A doctor who can perform an ideal facial fat transfer surgery on the patient’s face, depending on her face shape, and bring satisfaction for the patient during procedures and also with the result, will be considered as the best facial fat transfer surgeon. Therefore, in this article, we will guide you about the specs of an ideal surgeon and how to choose the best possible option.

Evaluating the patient for facial fat transfer surgery

In the first step, a skilled facial fat transfer surgeon should carefully assess your face to determine if you are a good candidate for this surgery. Therefore, at this stage, your doctor should consider your conditions in terms of sunken cheeks, lower eyelid bags, the condition and shape of the lips, general health, etc.

In addition, in this surgery and other cosmetic surgeries, your doctor should listen to your expectations carefully and consider the possibility of doing it according to your conditions. So at this point, the best facial fat transfer surgeon is someone that offers the best beauty plan by examining your health status, the combination of your face, and your expectations.

Performing skills and experience

The most important factor in choosing a skilled surgeon for facial fat transfer is the ability and skill of the surgeon to do it. You cannot ask your surgeon if he is skilled or not! First, check the experience and the work field of the surgeon you are considering. You should also check their surgery outcomes to understand your surgeon’s skill level.

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Of course, you can always ask people about their surgeons when they had facial fat transfer surgery. But besides that for a better result and a closer look, take a look at the photos that surgeons post of their patients on their website or social media.

The best facial fat transfer surgeons usually publish a lot of pictures of their work. What you need to consider in the photos is the fit of the injection points according to the patient’s face type. If you have a specific expectation of facial fat transfer surgery, find your face type among that surgeon’s patients and see if the result satisfies you.


Equipped clinic and experienced surgical and nursing staff

A trusted and experienced surgeon will never perform an operation with beginner staff or unreliable facilities. So both techniques and equipment must be up to date, and experienced nursing staff is important to assist you during recovery. Make sure you consider these while choosing the best facial fat transfer surgeons.


Conclusions and recommendations

Your beauty and health should not be at risk, but a wrong choice can lead to irreparable damage. For choosing the best facial fat transfer surgeon to perform this surgery, you must choose a doctor who has the entire specifications in this article.

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