Day by day fat transfer to face recovery time

Day by day fat transfer to face recovery time

Facial fat transfer is a great way to restore the youth and freshness of the skin. It can be a good way to recover and repair facial scars and a complementary way to face and eyelid lift. The fat that is used for this procedure is transplanted from patient’s thighs, buttocks or abdomen and it gets injected to the face. Since this kind of fat is a natural substance, the risk of performing this method is significantly less than using cosmetic fillers.

While this treatment has shown long-lasting results, many patients are concerned about the recovery time. Although it is recommended that you have 7-10 days off from work or any other activity, every individual’s facial fat transfer recovery time will vary.

Days 1-7: What happens and what to do to recover faster

Most patients experience swelling and bruising during facial fat transfer recovery time in face and the parts where the fat was harvested. It is a very common response from the skin. In the first seven days you cannot expect to see the final result; but the improvements will appear once the swelling gradually subsides.

The main action after surgery is that you need to keep your head elevated for about three to five days. In order to make the facial fat transfer recovery process faster, you need to use ice compress on your face and fat harvesting areas. You are not allowed to massage the treated areas in this week. It can cause severe pain or swelling on the skin. Do not put pressure on your face and try to sleep on your back for a few days. It is necessary to keep your face hydrated after the surgery for a couple of days. Your surgeon might suggest some moisturizer which you should apply properly.

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You should take painkillers only if you cannot endure the pain. Remember to consult your plastic surgeon before taking any kind of medicine. Any severe pain, infection, and redness is considered abnormal and you must consult your surgeon immediately.

Days 8-14: Time to get back to work

During the second week of facial fat transfer recovery, you should expect the redness and swelling on your skin to reduce. Remember that the final result will appear only about 6 months after the surgery but from the 7th day, you can see the improvements. Swelling may last up to three months so don’t get stressed about it.

In this week, you feel better and the mild pain has gone away; so you can resume normal work but still be cautious about the treated areas and keep your movements gentle. Still try to keep your face hydrated and ask your surgeon about using cosmetics.

Tips to be safe

  • Do not smoke.
  • Keep your weight balanced (losing weight during recovery time might cause losing fat on the face).
  • Apply antibiotic ointment to minimize the risk of infection.
  • Do not do strenuous activities.

At the end, it is worth saying that facial fat transfer recovery time is not unbearable and it’s not a high risk surgery. It has a long-lasting effect and a very small downtime. The recovery process is fast and you can see the improvements from the second week, which satisfies you from what you have done.

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