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Fat Injectinon into the face will make the face one-handed and the person will reach a beautiful and young face. Fat injection is such that the doctor and dermatologist take fat from a part of the body in a separate action and apply it to the parts of the applicant’s face that he needs with care and observing the principles.

In this article, we have tried to give a comprehensive and detailed explanation about the important points of fat injection to the body and the advantages and disadvantages of facial fat injection. For the necessary information in this field, it is better to read this text to the end. So please accompany us to read more…

Fat injections are used to reduce wrinkles, cover scars and make them smaller and more beautiful and younger. From the fat transferred by the patient himself, the doctor uses a suction device in tubes called canola to take the fat of very fine syringes and inject it into the skin of the face, cheeks and lips. This process, like other cosmetic and therapeutic injections, such as Botox injections or gel injections, fillers have their own advantages and disadvantages, which will be mentioned below.

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Benefits of fat injection

As you know, fat injections have many benefits for beauticians, and by using this beauty process, many beauty problems can be solved in a short time. In this section, we want to introduce you to some of the benefits of this beauty technique.

Fat injection, because it is taken from the applicant’s own body, is therefore more compatible and does not show any allergies or reactions to foreign substances. A popular method in which the probability of infection is very low. The results of this process are seen immediately after the injection.

Fat transfer is a non-invasive procedure that does not require any cuts and brings a beautiful and young face to the person.

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The durability of this method is high and the best benefit in this process is the removal of fats that the person wants to eliminate.

One of the best advantages of this method is that after the injection, the applicant can continue his activities and daily activities without the need for a special recovery period or hospitalization in a clinic or hospital.

Note: After 4 days, the dermatologist recommends gently massaging the injection site with hand movements to reduce swelling and the injected fat into the desired shape and form.

Some of the benefits of fat injection are as follows:

     1. Easier to implement this method compared to other cosmetic processes:

Fat injection is one of the easiest beauty techniques in terms of implementation and implementation, and doing it creates very few problems for beauticians. The fat injection process takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour and is done using local anesthesia or in some cases even without anesthesia and in this regard it will not be a problem for you and you can refer to Beauty clinics can easily do it and enjoy the many benefits of this technique.

Also, the process of adipose tissue removal is easy and there is no need to worry about it, and you can easily remove and inject fat cells by using the services of reputable clinics in the field of fat injection, and less with common problems in this field.

     2. Minor side effects of fat injection:

       Fat injection will have very few side effects for you and problems such as: extensive bruising, the possibility of severe bacterial infections and open wounds are not possible in this technique and you can easily observe some health tips you can easily occur. Eliminate such problems and get the beauty and freshness of your skin.

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Also, there is no possibility of severe allergic reactions in this case, because fat injection uses cells of beauties’ bodies for injection, and this has increased the efficiency of fat cell injection compared to other techniques.

    3. Short-term recovery period:

The recovery period of fat injection is very short and you can return to your normal life 24 hours after fat injection and continue the rest of the necessary care at home without the slightest problem. It should be noted that this case is one of the most prominent features of this beauty technique and has made it superior to other beauty processes because a large number of beauty techniques require constant and long-term care to reduce their efficiency and durability. But fat injection requires much less care and this feature has made it one of the best cosmetic procedures.

    4. Long shelf life of fat injection:

The durability of the results of this technique is very suitable and high, and by observing some cases, you can increase the durability of this technique up to 2 years and enjoy its benefits, while many beauty techniques have a half-life. They are about 4 to 6 months old, and this has made beauticians more confident to perform this beauty technique.

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Disadvantages of fat injection in the face

Liposuction, like any cosmetic procedure, has its drawbacks, but its advantages outweigh its disadvantages.

The following are some of the side effects, including:

Swelling and bruising are mild after the injection and go away completely after a few days.

After 6 months, fat is absorbed by the body and its shelf life is not permanent, so it is recommended that the person repeat the injection.

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Some of disadvantages of Fat Transfer Injection:

   1- Short duration of this method in athletes and patients with anorexia:

The longevity of fat injections is directly related to the amount of physical activity of people, and you should reduce your physical activity after the injection of fat cells so that the longevity of this technique does not decrease. Also, patients with anorexia nervosa and athletes are not allowed to perform this cosmetic procedure because the durability of this technique in these people is very low.

   2- The possibility of bruising at the site of fat cell harvest:

This is also one of the dangers that threaten beauticians and can affect their beauty. Bruising of the fat removal site is in most cases limited and transient, but in some cases and due to lack of health issues and necessary care, it has been observed that the fat removal site is too bruised and this issue is associated with infections. Bacterial has caused problems for beauticians. However, you can prevent this problem after fat injections by taking antibiotics and some anti-inflammatory drugs.

   3- Asymmetry of face and body parts after fat injection:

This is also one of the problems that can threaten the beauty of people, but it should be noted that a specialist doctor is usually able to solve this problem and can completely eliminate this problem by injecting fat cells. However, in some cases, reattachment of adipose tissue can be very difficult and tedious and can significantly increase your cosmetic costs.

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