How Long Does It Take to Heal from a Fat Transfer?

How Long Does It Take to Heal from a Fat Transfer?

Fat injection is known as one of the best ways to get rid of wrinkles as well as increase the volume of some parts of the face and other areas of the body that people can benefit from very good results. It should be noted that people do not have enough information about the care and recovery period after fat injection, but there is no need to worry at all because a specialist doctor will guide you on this issue.

The recovery period of facial fat injection is very short due to its non-invasive nature. In a way that different people on the same day immediately start doing their daily chores. However, you suggest refraining from doing heavy work for a few weeks after the ideal conclusion. The recovery period after fat injection is largely dependent on the subsequent care of the patient and the relevant physician.

It should be said that after performing any kind of operation, one should go through a stage called recovery period, which also applies to fat injection. It should be said that the fat transfer operation has a very short recovery period and there is no need for people to worry and stress after it. People can return to society faster than expected and do their daily chores after a fat injection.

Regarding the length of the recovery period for fat injection, it should be said that this period is unique to different people and it is not possible to determine an exact time for this issue. To get accurate information, it is better to consult a fat injection specialist in advance so that you can be aware of both the exact duration and other points of your recovery period. Normally, this time is between 5 and 12 days, and people can return to their daily tasks faster than this time, and in some cases even a little later, if they have the right conditions. This time can be reduced by following the care provided by a specialist doctor for the recovery period.

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Facial care needed for fat injection

Applicants should be aware that postoperative care is paramount. If your care is appropriate, you will get more response from your operation, and if you cannot take good care of yourself, the whole process will be at risk:

1- After the fat injection, you will notice an increase in swelling and bruising. This condition is completely normal for up to two weeks and is not a place for worry and hospitalization. Use an ice pack to prevent swelling and bruising so you can shorten your recovery time.

2- It is also necessary to keep the head above the body for a while during sleep to reduce skin swelling.

3- Do not use hot water during bathing and the water should be lukewarm.

4- Also avoid going to the sauna.

5- Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Sunlight can disturb the overall shape of the injected area. Solarium has the same properties and should not be done in a period of several days or even two weeks.

6- It should be noted that the use of appropriate herbs for the area from which fat is removed can reduce the recovery period of this area.

In addition to these cases, it should be said that following the doctor’s instructions for postoperative care is very important and people should make great efforts to do so; because no one can guide you like a doctor.

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Important limitations in the recovery period of facial fat injection

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First of all, we need to know that not all people are good candidates for fat injections. In fact, those who have a weak immune system, it is better to go to this operation under the supervision of a doctor.

After the fat injection, you should avoid doing certain things. Avoiding these things is first and foremost beneficial for the person himself and he should make every effort to do them:

1- One of the things that is forbidden for a person to do is the use of drugs that may cause disorders in the injection of fat. For example, taking aspirin can cause this problem. That is why you should stop taking these drugs two weeks after the operation.

2- Individuals should consult with their specialist physician before taking any medication that may cause him or her problems. Taking certain medications on their own may be harmful to people’s health and cause problems for them, which may be costly to compensate for. Therefore, talk to your doctor about this before making any decision.

3- Another thing that is forbidden to do after the fat transfer operation is the use of tobacco, with which the person usually does not get the right result from his operation. You should quit smoking for at least two weeks.

4- In addition to this, it should be noted that the use of alcohol does not increase the duration of the recovery period after fat injection. It is better to stop using this alcohol for at least two weeks to get proper results.

What you need to know is that in order to achieve the right result, not only should you follow these tips after the fat injection, but you should also avoid doing these tips two weeks before the operation. Just as health care is important after facial fat injections and is important in the recovery period after fat transfer, so should preoperative care.

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The body always needs rest; How much better to give your body, circulatory system and immune system enough time to return to normal after such operations. Rest can greatly shorten your recovery. It usually takes two weeks for all the mild side effects of the fat injection to go away. Therefore, you should be a little patient, rest and prepare your body for a quick recovery by following the diet and the mentioned points.

Some doctors believe that pregnant or lactating women should postpone their fat injection; because performing a fat transfer operation at this time may harm the fetus and cause problems for people that make them annoyed by the fat injection operation. For example, the entry of anesthetics into the body is very dangerous for the fetus. Doctors also consider this time appropriate after breastfeeding and pregnancy.

In general, six months after the fat injection, the person reaches the peak of beauty and gets the best answer from this operation. If you are satisfied with the general form, you can go back to the doctor’s office and have the injection again; because only 40% of the injected fat stays with you and the rest is absorbed by the body.

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