Fat Transfer to Lips Permanently

Fat Transfer to Lips Permanently

These days, having well-shaped and beautiful lips has become very popular among people who care about their appearance, that is why various solutions for having full and beautiful lips have been used in beauty clinics. Therefore, people who have congenitally or genetically thin lips or have lost the beautiful shape of their lips over time and with age can choose one of these methods and enjoy the results.


Liposuction is one of the most effective and best of these methods. Because lip fat injection is permanent and in addition to shaping the lips, it can also prevent wrinkles created around the lips to a great extent. Liposuction is performed in Dr. Zarghami specialized clinic in a completely standard and safe environment. We invite you to read this article to know how to do it, the shelf life, the cost and everything you need to know in this regard.


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Is liposuction permanent?

To achieve fuller, softer and more voluminous lips, which is one of the criteria for facial beauty these days, many people tend to have cosmetic procedures such as fat injections. Various factors affect the beauty and appearance of the lips, among which the aging process can cause the lips to become thinner and smaller. Of course, there are many people who are not satisfied with the beauty of their lips, regardless of age or other factors. At present, liposuction is the most ideal method of filling and protruding the lips. Having a lasting effect, being safe, being able to adapt to the immune system and being without side effects, has made the fat injection cosmetic procedure very popular.

The only drawback compared to other methods is that we need a small operation to remove it. But due to its advantages, fat injection is superior to synthetic fillers. The client will not experience pain during the operation; because local anesthesia is applied. It also does not cause much pain after surgery, and bruising and swelling, which usually occur slightly, can be completely treated with ice packs.

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As mentioned, lip augmentation involves a set of techniques that increase or restore volume to the lips and smooth out vertical lines around the lips and mouth. While there are many cosmetic methods for doing this, both cosmetologists and volunteers seek non-invasive and injectable methods to do so. As mentioned, fat transfer to the lips is an injectable method that will help you achieve a proper appearance.

How is liposuction done?

In general, fat injections are effective in smoothing the skin, filling in wrinkles or increasing the volume in the tissues, especially in the face and for the lips where the fat is displaced or reduced. As a result, using fat injections, young and beautiful faces will be restored for you. Lip augmentation with fat transfer is a method that has a significant effect in this regard and will make your face more beautiful and younger. This minimally invasive outpatient procedure can be performed under local anesthesia.

Regarding the exact method of fat injection and the process of doing it, it should be said that fat will be removed from your own body through low pressure liposuction. Since fat is from the body itself, there is no allergic reaction to fat injection.


Due to its rich source of stem cells, fat, in addition to filling, improves the appearance of the skin. After removing and purifying the fat cells, the fat is injected into the lips with a syringe without the need for cutting. The lip is one of the parts of the body that has a lot of mobility, so when you inject fat, you should know that it will not last long. However, there is no need to worry; because by removing fat from resistant areas such as the waist, hips and abdomen, it is possible to prevent the melting of fat to some extent after injection.

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After the fat is removed from these areas and during the liposuction stage, the adipose tissue enters the centrifuge. Where excess fluid is expelled and pure fat remains. At this stage, care must be taken not to damage the fats; because it may disrupt the whole process. Liposuction Due to the sensitivity of the area and the high volume of blood vessels in it, there may be a lot of swelling, which, of course, resolves after 3 to 4 days, and the results of liposuction can be clearly seen after 2 weeks.

Fat Transfer Injection from Lips

Is it true that liposuction is permanent?


Most injectable methods, such as liposuction, are not permanent, but fat transfer is more popular than other methods used because of its natural, soft appearance and longer durability. In fact, the cells injected during liposuction are less durable due to the mobility and use of the lips, but still have a longer shelf life than other methods.

Usually at the beginning of the fat injection, you should be careful not to disturb the injection form. After fat injection, try to avoid exposure to sunlight and solarium rays for a while; because they definitely not only shorten the life of fats but may also cause fat deformation. Failure to wash the injected area in the early days can prolong the life of the fat. Also try to avoid alcohol, vitamin E and tobacco for up to two weeks; because it dilutes the blood and ultimately prevents the effectiveness of liposuction.

This is because in the early days, adipose tissue needs blood supply to take root. Therefore, lip care after liposuction is essential. In addition to good durability, another reason that makes fat transfer a successful and low-risk method for the lips, the side effects of fat transfer to the person and will have the least sensitivity.

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There is a small point about injecting fat into the lips, and that this operation, because it requires less fat, can be completed in one session, but since a large amount of fat is absorbed in the first days, the doctor says a little more than the standard. It injects and for this reason, in the first days, there will be a possibility of enlarged lips, which will disappear very quickly.

Will you need to re-inject lip fat?

It may take more than one treatment session to inject fat to achieve the ideal shape of the lips, and after that the shedding of the soles is somewhat normal. Sometimes re-injection of fat is needed between 6 and 12 months after the initial liposuction to see optimal results.

In terms of cost, this method is very easy and inexpensive because it removes fat from your body and even freezes it in reputable medical centers for reuse. It can be said with absolute certainty that fat injections have better results than Botox and fillers, and are considered cost-effective over a period of 2 years, which is a good time to achieve definitive and long-term treatment. With fat injections, the lips look very natural and the results can last for many years.

After achieving the final results, there is no need to repeat the treatment and you can proceed to re-injection only if the volume decreases. Usually 60% of the injected fat is completely melted in the body after the first few months and disappears, and 40% of the fat remains, which lasts a long time. As mentioned, you can use frozen fats again at intervals specified by your doctor. Repetition of fat transfer, in addition to being cost-effective due to the risk of an allergic reaction close to zero and the need for no incision in the lips, is a safe method that even increases the tendency to repeat fat injection for these reasons.