eyebrow transplant by LHE method

What is the eyebrow transplant by LHE method, exactly?

Despite the appearance, losing and caring eyebrow in women and gentlemen, there is a number of differences, but no one regardless of gender can deny the importance of the eyebrow and its role in the beauty of the face. These days, especially among women, we can’t see much people who have no problem with the current state of their eyebrow and how it grows up, and being sure that their eyebrow will not need anythings to do about its beauty in the future.

Everything You Need To Know About Eyebrow Transplant

LHE eyebrow transplant is one of the most advanced and up-to-date which is currently available. In fact, because the eyebrow is one of the most important items in the face of each person, performing a process on it should be completely meticulous and sensitive so that the client has no regrets after seeing the result and comparing before and after that transplantation performed, the person must be completely satisfied.
LHE eyebrow transplant is equipped and up to date equipment and modern science, without surgical incisions, and without any complications.as much as the eyebrows can be effective in the beauty of the face, if they damage or for example, that area suffer from swelling or long-term wounds, it will attract a lot of attention and reduces the beauty of the face.
Uncomplicated and short recovery time after eyebrow transplant is very important for all applicants of this procedure.


Benefits of LHE eyebrow transplants

* • No surgical incision
* • It is done without any pain
* • With local anesthesia
* • Removal is done with the new LHE method (no cutting hair needed)
* • Transplantation is with an implanter
* • Eyebrow hairs are transplanted with the most correct sleep. (Because it is removed from long hair, and the eyebrow hair growth direction is visible)
* • High density eyebrow transplantation is done by LHE method
* • The design is done according to the individual’s own taste.
* • The eyebrow design is according to to look like.
* • The eyebrow design is according to one’s expect to look like.

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Ideal Candidate for LHE Eyebrow Transplant

We have said that the causes of eyebrow disorders are many and naturally these may occur for anyone regardless of gender and age. For example, in some cases thyroid disease can impair eyebrow growth and causes eyebrow hair loss. After treatment, a person who has been ill can go for eyebrow transplant to have normal eyebrows and eliminates the effects of the disease. So anyone can go for eyebrow transplantation under the supervision of a specialist doctor.
For the first time in Iran, a much simpler method for eyebrow transplantation has been invented called LHE eyebrow transplantation. In this method, there is no need to make incisions in any area of ​​the back of the head to remove the hair strands, but with a device without cutting the long hair strands are removed and transplanted in the eyebrows area. It is very important to know this method is without any incisions and because of that there is no need for stitches and it is clear that the this cosmetic procedure becomes much easier for the person.


The eyebrow transplant process without surgery

There are important tips that are considered by both applicants and doctors who perform eyebrow transplants and should be considered so that the result of eyebrow transplants be completely satisfying, we will review some of them:

One of these points can be the use of the best devices to perform the operation, which is not neglected at all in LHE eyebrow implants, and the Implanter device is used for eyebrow transplans to increase the speed of the operation and the hair to the best shape to be transplanted in the desired template.
Another important tip in eyebrow transplantation is to design a suitable mold and form for the person’s face as for the eyebrow transplant, which is measured with precise instruments and an initial mold is designed and visualized on the person’s face, which is also natural and suits with other parts of the face.
One more essential tip is that the eyebrows should be transplanted with the right density so there are no gaps between the hair strands, and the eyebrows do not look low or droopy.
In the LHE method, this point is very significant and the eyebrows are transplanted with a proportionate appearance.

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Advances in eyebrow transplant techniques

Every operation procedure is inexperienced and makes mistakes at the beginning , but gradually with the increase of applicants and more research studies to find more appropriate methods, techniques and processes become more diverse, advanced and more accessible.
In fact, as time goes on, they become more familiar with the needs and tastes of their clients, and as a result, they can change their methods every day and attract more customer satisfaction.


Eyebrow Transplant Recovery & Results

These days, due to the popularity of eyebrow transplants, this method has undergone many changes and has reached a safe position, and the latest methods offered, including the LHE method, responsives almost all the needs and expectations of clients. Nowadays, this procedure is performed with good speed and doesn’t take a lot of time from the applicant, but both the recovery period and the procedure time are very short. This can be one of the advantages of the LHE eyebrow transplant method compared to other methods, because once and for all, the person volunteering for the operation gets rid of the eyebrow-related worries and gains peace of mind.


Summing up

LHE eyebrow transplant is performed using stem cells, do not require surgical incisions in the back of the head or any other areas, so there is no need for sutures, and there will be no complications or pain. In addition, it is possible to obtain the satisfaction of the applicants and deliver the best result to them so it is not only completely pleasant, but also others are encouraged to do so.

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