Eyebrow transplant without surgical incision by LHE method

Eyebrow transplant without surgical incision by LHE method

The eyebrow is basically a very important part in the face and which frame the face. This importance is evident for both men and women and it cannot be denied.

Why to choose eyebrow transplantation by LHE method?

Eyebrow transplant without surgical incision with LHE method is one of the best transplant solutions, shaping and beautify eyebrows. In such surgeries, choosing the right method with less risk is always the first and most important concern of the applicant. In other words, the more important the operation is performed on the organ, the more the concern about the result increases. Therefore, the applicant needs to gain complete confidence through the experience of others or the reputation of the clinic or etc. with the least risk, make the applicant be sure about the desired result.

Eyebrow transplant without surgical incision with LHE method is the most advanced and the best type of eyebrow transplant to dat. Eyebrow is a very sensitive area in the face of all human beings, so in no way can eyebrow transplants be done with negligence or carelessness. This operation requires the most equipped clinics, the most skilled doctors and having the latest equipment and science in the world..

Why is eyebrow transplantation a popular cosmetic procedure?

Apart from the fact that the beauty of the eyebrow and its trim is very effective in the beauty of the face and is creating a good effect in the eyes of the viewer, but also the sense of self-confidence is very significant, the normal state does not reach the eyebrow implant method.
For example, there are tattoo or hatch methods for eyebrows, but from the beginning they do not have the initial and good effect of natural hair, and even after a while, they may lose their quality, but in the eyebrow transplants, hair is actually transplanted in the eyebrow area with components that can grow. Even just like natural eyebrows, need to be trimmed and cutting.

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How does it work?

This method is without surgery and incision, so it is painless and does not require stitches. In fact, there are no complications after this procedure and its recovery is achieved within a maximum of 48 hours, and you can color your eyebrows and make-up after this period of short time.
In the LHE method, long hair strands are removed with a device without any surgical incision behind the ear or behind the neck, and the harvested strands are transplanted with the ”Implanter”. This method is done for the first time in the world.
For eyebrow transplantation, the final form and format is desired by the applicant, which is what the eyebrows intend to be in the end, by transplanting angle, the angle between the eyebrow hair and the skin, which should be transplanted in a very supine position to maintain the natural state of the eyebrows and the ability to comb and shape.

How long does eyebrow transplant last?

Other eyebrow beautification methods will all need to be repaired in a certain period of time to get the original effect, but this eyebrow transplant method is permanent.
Doing it once through a safe method for the rest of your life eliminates the worry of getting lost, losing your desired appearance and falling out.

Reasons to have eyebrow transplants

There are many factors that can cause eyebrow hair loss in men and women, such as hereditary eyebrow hair loss or thyroid problems, and even cuts and sores can cause losing or complete loss of eyebrows.
Even eyebrows can be thinned over the time by continuous plucking or the use of poor quality paints to not have the desired state, after reaching this stage, eyebrow transplantation can be a very good option.

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LHE eyebrow transplantation for men

Men may also have eyebrow transplants due to broken eyebrows or scars, and even eyebrow falling out due to hereditary factors or diseases, to have the completely normal eyebrows.
Of course, these days, eyebrow hair loss and low density are not unexpected at all, but with the using of poor food quality or the presence of polluted air, thin hair strands begin to fall out; so the advancement of eyebrow transplants and the Equipping as many clinics as possible can be very hopeful and gratifying for all those who care about their beauty without any stress on this matter.
Eyebrow transplants can be applied even to those who have previously had tattoos, hatches or even micro-pigmentation, and it does not reduce the quality of transplant at all, because if a natural eyebrow needs to be made up after transplantation, with the previous tattoos it may appear completely full and there will be no gap.

What is an Implanter and how does is help to the eyebrows transplantation?

This device is one of the most important advances in medical science in this field, which performs hair transplants without making any wounds and pain. In addition, by speeding up the procedure, it both reduces the duration of surgery and makes the hair to have more strength after transplantation.

In conclusion

Eyebrow transplantation without surgical incision with LHE method is done in a very short time and will not cause any complications.
It should be noted that the recovery period is very short time and within a maximum of two days it is completely improved and the person can continue their daily routine activities without need for care and dressing, of course, considering that all hair reactions after eyebrow implantation are like a person’s natural eyebrows, if a biological factor, such as lack of a vitamins in the body causes hair loss, it should be discovered and treated after the transplant so that nothing causes the eyebrows to fall out or become thinner

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