What is Biofat fat injection into the buttocks?

What is Biofat fat injection into the buttocks?

Considering that these days many people are looking to achieve the beauty of their body, so they try to have a fit and ideal body with the various methods that exist today. One of the organs of the body that plays an important role in the beauty of the body is the buttock. Many people today have flat or bad buttocks for some reason and try to get their buttocks beautiful by having cosmetic surgery.

Buttock cosmetic surgery is performed in two ways

Buttock prosthesis and fat injection into the buttocks, which fat injection into the buttocks includes a variety of methods, one of the most effective and best methods of fat injection is Biofat fat injection into the buttocks.
Due to the fact that the hip prosthesis procedure has side effects, it is therefore less popular, and on the other hand, due to the advantages of the bio-fat injection method, it has many applicants and is especially popular among most of the people.


What are the benefits of Biofat fat injection into the buttocks?

Before we explain the benefits of Biofat fat injection to the buttocks, we want to introduce you how is a Biofat fat injection into the buttocks performed?

The first step in performing a Biofat fat injection procedure is to prepare fat from parts of the body, which are usually removed from the areas around the sides, thighs, and abdomen because it has a higher fat density and is the best area for fat removal.
In the next stage, which is the same stage of fat preparation, the desired fats must be washed to be ready for injection, which requires special techniques and advanced equipment for washing and preparing fats.
The last stage, which is the stage of fat transfer, uses small incisions made in certain parts of the buttocks to insert the fat into the buttock tissue.

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Care after fat injection


Now, if we want to explain the benefits of injecting Bio cold fat into the buttocks, we can say that this method uses the body fat of the person and therefore the possibility of causing allergies and reactions to the injected fat is very low and is very compatible with the body. On the other hand, considering that this fat is completely natural, therefore, the result of command and hip lift is completely more natural than when artificial prostheses are used.

Recovery and result

The recovery period after Biofat fat injection is much shorter than when people use prosthesis under the buttocks, and in addition, their buttocks will have a better shape and larger size, as well as the shape of the buttocks. They are very well-proportioned, causing the other parts of the body where the fat extraction is done to lose weight, thus giving people a high level of self-confidence.

In addition to all the benefits mentioned above, eliminating the sagging of different parts of the buttocks, as well as tightening the buttocks and the impossibility of moving fat in different parts of the buttocks are also considered as the advantages of performing fat injection by Biofat method into the buttocks.
Ideal Candidate For Fat Injection By Biofat Method

As you know, in the Biofat fat injection method, excess fat is used in the thighs or abdomen and hip.
Therefore, it is suitable for people who are obese and not suitable for people who are thin because there is no fat in their body to be removed. On the other hand, people who have a large sagging buttocks or small buttocks are also the best option for Biofat fat injectin into the buttocks. You might ask the below question;

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What is fat injection by BIOFAT under the eyes

How much does a Biofat fat injection into the buttocks cost

Therefore, injecting biofat fat into the buttocks is the best option for gaining a suitable body for people and is considered as a permanent method, but as you know, considering that today’s there are different beauty centers and there are many doctors who work in this field, so the cost you will pay will be different, if we want to tell you in general about the paid expenses of this method, in addition to doctor’s salaries as well as clinic’s terms are varied.
Also the amount of extracted fat and transferred in the body of people is also different, so each of these factors will affect the cost you pay and the total cost.

In Conclusion

Therefore, in general, in the end, it can be said that due to the fact that today’s there are specialized and skilled doctors in the field of performing biofat fat injection into the buttocks, and the Bioft method uses the most equipped and advanced devices, so you can choose this treatment method for yourself with full and sufficient confidence, but keep in it in your mind that it is very necessary to take care before and after the Biofat fat injection procedure, and if you do not follow these tips, you cannot get the desired results which you want.