HIFU Therapy

HIFU Therapy

Miracle of rejuvenation and face lift | Costs and benefits

Maybe Aging is the most natural and predictable thing that can happen to all of us. Whether we like it or not, over the time our skin loses its quality, wrinkles appear on our face and slowly the mirror smile fades and fades.

The search for youthful elixirs and ways to recover lost beauty has a long history. Although scientists have not yet been able to delay aging, ways to beautify and rejuvenate the skin are becoming more advanced. Hypnotherapy is one of the most efficient and safe methods that we will learn more about in this article.

What is HIFU Therapy?

HIFU stands for High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound, which means “high-intensity focused ultrasound.” HIFU treatment is a relatively new method in cosmetic treatments for firming and lifting the skin, which is painless and non-invasive and can replace face lift.

Ultrasound uses ultrasound. That is, the same waves that are used in ultrasound devices. However, in HIFU, these waves focus energy on a specific layer of the skin and stimulate the production of collagen fibers. Collagens are responsible for strengthening the tissues of the body, including the skin; Therefore, this makes our skin firmer and wrinkle-free.

HIFU therapy was approved by the ‘US Food and Drug Administration’ (FDA) in 2009 using eyebrow lift. In 2014, the FDA approved the use of this method to improve the condition of lines and wrinkles around the neckline and upper chest. Due to the novelty of this treatment, some of its uses have not yet been approved by the FDA, but there is no evidence that various uses of HIFU therapy are harmful, and this method is much safer than cosmetic surgeries.

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Facial HIFU Therapy

Using concentrated ultrasound waves, the HIFU device targets a layer of skin below the surface layer and injects energy into it. The energy of the ultrasound waves causes the temperature of this layer to rises rapidly.
When the target layer cells reach a certain temperature, this leads to cell damage. This may seem to contradict our goals of improving the quality of facial skin, but it is not. Damage to cells stimulates the production of proteins called collagen.

Ideal candidate for HIFU Treatment

In general, this treatment is very suitable for people between 30 and 75 years old who suffer from mild to moderate sagging skin and want to delay the aging process of the skin.

The main goal of HIFU method is to reduce the rate of aging, so in younger applicants, we see more response to treatment. Applicants over the age of 25 can also use this treatment as one of the most effective ways to prevent skin aging.

People whose skin is damaged due to constant exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet rays or more severe sagging of the skin, need several sessions of treatment to achieve the desired results.

Older people who suffer from severe sagging and sagging skin around the neck are usually not good candidates for hypnotherapy and may need surgery. This procedure is not suitable for people with ulcers, infections, cystic acne, and metal implants in the area being treated.

HIFU has many benefits for cosmetic and skin rejuvenation uses, some of them are:

* • Reduce skin wrinkles
* • Tightening sagging and sagging skin in the neck and jowls (known as turkey neck)
* • Lift cheeks, eyebrows and eyelids
* • Improve the condition of the chin line
* • Smooth and tighten facial skin
* • Neck and decolletage lift
* • Modify the smile design
* • Can be done for all skin colors at any time

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Benefits of HIFU Therapy

HIFU treatment is one of the most advanced non-surgical and non-invasive face lift methods and has many benefits. Some of them are:

* • 1 to 3 sessions of treatment are enough to achieve the desired results.
* • HIFU therapy results last about 1 to 2 years.
* • Treatment sessions are short and last between 30 and 90 minutes.
* • Easy treatment, without tension and without recovery period.
* • Without the use of injections and incisions.
* • No bleeding, pain and dressing.
* • It can increase the durability of cosmetic surgery results.
* • It can be done in combination with other treatments such as Micro-needling.
* • It costs much less than surgery.

Recovery time in HIFU

HIFU method has no recovery period. You can return to your normal life immediately after the treatment. There is no need to use medication, ointment or the like after treatment and you can treat your skin as you have done before.

Steps of performing HIFU

There is no need for special preparation before HIFU treatment. Only if you have makeup or have used skin care products such as sunscreen needs to be removed.

The following steps are taken during the treatment:

* • The doctor cleans the target area.
* • A local anesthetic cream may be applied to the target site.
* • Your doctor will apply a special gel to your skin. This gel is similar to the lubricant used in ultrasound.
* • The HIFU device is placed on your skin and the healing process begins.
* • Using the device monitor, the doctor adjusts the ultrasound waves.
* • Ultrasound waves are sent to the target with short pulses. The treatment session lasts between 30 and 90 minutes.
* • The device is removed from the skin.

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* • After the treatment session, you can immediately go home or work to do your daily routines.

Side Effects Of HIFU Therapy

HIFU is considered as a very safe treatment, but only if it is performed by experienced specialists. Like all treatments, the skill of the doctor is very important in preventing side effects and increasing the effectiveness of the treatment.
In rare cases, bruising or temporary numbness has been observed at the treatment site. These side effects usually go away in a few weeks.

In summary

In the HIFU method, the rejuvenation process is based on the natural behavior of the skin. That is the treatment of wrinkles and sagging skin which is done simply by stimulating the body to produce the body’s natural proteins. In this case, no artificial substances have entered into your body, you have not paralyzed your facial muscles, and there is no excessive stress of anesthesia, wounds and stitches.