Labia majora fat Injection by Biofat

Labia majora fat Injection by Biofat

As you know, Biofat fat injection is one of the most practical and effective methods of beautification and rejuvenation that many people in various fields choose this surgery in order to recover their lost beauty of different parts of their body and also, people who have problems with beauty and rejuvenation due to aging or other problems of self-confidence in the field of beauty and rejuvenation can use the Biofat fat injection method to regain their lost confidence as well as their beauty, considering that today’s, Biofat fat injection is carried out in different parts of the body, so one of the cases of this method is Biofat fat injection into the labia.

According to what mentioned above about the Biofat injection procedure, you may ask this question;

What is the purpose of Biofat fat injection into the labia and vagina?

In response to this question, it can be said that the Biofat fat injection surgery is performed in the labia majora. You might ask this question:


Which part of the genital is the labia majora?

In answer to this question, we can say that the labia majora is a tissue that is located between the legs and separates the minor labia from the legs, so when the Biofat fat injection is performed into the labia, considering that the vagina is the distance between the uterus and vaginal outlet, and it can be performed sometimes into the vagina.

Today’s fat injection for a person is done in many different centers and by different doctors. Now you may be wondering that;

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What factors affect the fat injection success rate by Biofat method into the labia?

Due to the fact that during the suction or the same operation of removing fat from different tissues of the body, which usually the flank’s tissues are used, after extracting the fat, they should pay enough attention to this matter that separate blood-stained cells from good, healthy fat cells using a centrifuge and prevent the injection of large, blood-stained cells. This factor is the most effective and the best option in terms of your success and satisfaction in performing Biofat fat injection into the labia.

On the other hand, today’s various doctors perform Bios fat injection in different clinics, so choosing a skilled and experienced doctor as well as a well-equipped clinic is an effective factor in performing the Biofat injection into the labia.
The doctors also should have sufficient and necessary expertise in the field of extraction and injection operations, as well as a clinic equipped with all facilities and devices.

How much does a fat injection by Biofat method cost

Accordingly that each of the doctors and clinics have their own terms and also the amount of fat extracted in the body of people and also injected to them is different, so each of these factors in the paid expenses by you will be effective, and there is no fixed cost for performing a Biofat fat injection into the labia.
In conclusion

Overall it may be said that today, performing biofat fat injection into the labia is one of the most effective and best methods to rejuvenate and beautify its tissues, and people can take the necessary care before and after performing fat injection into the labia, as well as choosing the best doctor and clinic equipped for this surgery, so they do not have any worries and stress about this procedure.

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